A Scottish weekend

For Winter 2023, Diane Laury celebrate this event and enters in Scottish territory for a week-end time. She is making her wardrobe swing exploring charming lanes of Edinburgh capital city. The dress code on unique colors is assumed, original, a bit Scottish, and also elegant as Georgian style of buildings.

Plaids jacquards, tweeds, woolen styles, comfortable knitted styles can be declined, freely, for ready to wear or accessories, innovation of the season, to keep warm all winter long. Exclusive prints : spotted, animal skin, kilims set the pace. This is the great mix & match!

Discover a Diane Laury’s collection highly trendy that can be worn by all women.

Inspiring collections

The Diane Laury brand meets the expectations of women looking for fancy, easy-to-wear and comfortable fashion that will highlight their silhouettes.

In 2012, Diane Laury decided to market A modern, casual city style that mixes current trends and chic basics, for refined and original fashion.

Shapes for all!

Diane Laury designs its clothing taking Diane Laury designs its clothing for women who are concerned about their appearance, the cut is adapted to their morphology, available up to size 54 (French sizes).

Quality and comfort are the brand assets, so that women feel beautiful at any age.